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Hello chess families!

I hope your spring break has gone well. And what could top it off better than chess club? Please join us is rooms 1B & 1C of the Monroe County Public Library from 1:30 – 3:30 this Sunday.

The beginners will learn about the power of passed pawns. Then, the advanced players will learn how to break the rules by analyzing games in which players successfully deployed their queens in the opening and willfully violated other basic principles to win. For the second hour, a team mock-tournament-director competition will teach the players the finer points of how pairings work.

Congratulations to everyone who played in the Bloomington Chess Open and good luck to everyone playing at Team State finals tomorrow! Mark your calendars for the Ben Harris Spring Chess Open on May 24th at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church.

If you are looking for some chess during the week, consider checking out BuffaLouie’s on Tuesday evenings starting at 7 p.m. at 114 South Indiana Ave., next to Starbucks.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Hello chess families!

Just a (late) reminder that chess club is tomorrow from 1:30 to 3:30 at the Monroe County Public Library. We will be in 1A & 1C (1A is a change from our normal 1B).

The beginners will learn about the power of passed pawns. Then, the advanced players will be introduced to a different way of identifying candidate moves. For the second hour, we will be talking about and playing anti-computer chess variants.

Don’t forget that there is a tournament coming up one week from today in Bloomington. Entries must be received by Thursday. Rounds start at 10 and there is no cost. Adults are also able to play if they have a USCF membership.

May your chess games teach you something new!

Feb 202014
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We hope to see you at the Monroe County Public Library from 1:30 to 3:30 for chess club this Sunday.

This week, the beginners will tackle the tricky concept of king safety. Then, the advanced group will work through a game which shows the importance of accumulating small advantages and not letting them slip away. For the second hour, everyone is welcome to watch and participate in “The Evaluation is Right,” a chess-themed game show styled after the Bob Barker classic daytime series.

Congratulations to University Elementary 6th & Under, Binford 3rd & Under, and University Elementary 3rd & Under Teams on qualifying for State!

Feb 062014
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Hi chess families,

This is your reminder that this Sunday is chess club from 1:30 – 3:30 in rooms 1B & 1C of the Monroe County Public Library. The beginners will learn about gambits, counter-gambits, and defensive strategies to neutralize them. Then, the advanced group will learn how to recognize and play the Lucena and Philidor positions. During the second half of the meeting, coach Gerry Roberts will briefly expound upon the benefits of blindfold chess before attempting to play four games blindfolded simultaneously.

If you are hoping to compete in team regionals for the state, you can still get entries in this week if you want to compete in Indianapolis on March 1st. There is also a President’s Day Chess Camp for the holiday in Zionsville put on by Aaron Dean’s Learning Through Games.

If you or your child are looking for some self study, you might enjoy this list of best chess games of all time from

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Howdy chess families!

This is a reminder that this Sunday from 1:30 to 3:30 is chess club at the Monroe County Public Library. The meeting location is in the Auditorium, which is different than usual.

This week, the beginners will kick off the festivities by learning about discovered attacks, including discovered checks and double checks. The advanced group will learn how to choose an opening repertoire. This week’s special activity is an exercise in chess engine programming. Remember your page handbooks.

Good luck to our locals that made it to Individual State Final Competitions this Saturday! We are hoping you bring home big trophies! The Midwest Regional is in Chicago the weekend after this one and is accepting applicants up until the morning of the tournament. Team Regional entries need to be mailed by February 5th if you are competing in Terre Haute and February 10th if you are competing in Indianapolis. Also, there will be a local tournament March 15th put on by our chess coach, Gerry Roberts, with free entry and a 10 am start – a great place to get some tournament experience if you’ve been considering trying one. had a fun chess personality quiz here. After answering 20 questions about your chess playing style it gives you some suggestions for openings that match your style and masters who have a similar style.

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Hi chess families! Hopefully you have your school groove on and you are ready for chess club to kick into high gear.  BISCC has two meetings in September, though they may not be on the weekends you are expecting because of the library book sale.  This month, we will be meeting on September 8 and 22.  This Sunday’s meeting will be in rooms 1B & 1C.

There will be a collection of things to do…lessons, puzzles and play.  If you think you’ve mastered a skill, you can test your knowledge.

You’ll need to get registered.  The fee for the year (18 sessions) is $120.  This money goes to pay for a highly rated chess coach.  Everything else is done by volunteers, so if you are interested in helping out, please let us know.   We are happy to find a task for you that taps on your chess prowess or requires no previous chess knowledge.

There are no tournaments scheduled for September, but there are some starting in October and our own tournaments are scheduled for December 7 and June 7.  Mark your calendars now.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Library!

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