Feb 232015
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Please join us on Sunday, March 8th at Monroe County Public Library for the next meeting of the BISCC library chapter. We will be rooms 1B and 1C, meeting time is the usual 1:30 to 3:30. Remember to ‘Spring forward’  your clocks by one hour the night before the meeting (Daylight Savings Time), or you may be late!

Sep 232014
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This week’s meeting of BISCC will be on Sunday, September 28th, and start at 1:30.  However, the club will initially meet in PROGRAM ROOM 2B, not the usual room on the lower level.  Program room 2B is on the upper level near the circulation desk.  At 2:30, we will be able to use one of our usual rooms on the lower level, Room 1B.  See you Sunday!