Chess Sets to Posoltega, Nicaragua

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The Bloomington Indiana Scholastic Chess Club (BISCC), in partnership with the Posoltega Committee of Bloomington Sister Cities International organization are teaming up to collect funds to purchase chess sets to send to an elementary school in Posoltega, Nicaragua. 100% of your donation will be used to buy chess boards and pieces.

To donate, visit:

Alternatively, if you have a chess set that you would like to donate, send us an email to


More info about the volunteer organization (started in 1988) can be found at their website

Not only do they keep in touch with the people of Posoltega through trips there, but throughout the year they raise money from donations to support a hot lunch program 5 days a week for the neediest children in the village of Posoltega, a scholarship program for 24 college students to help them attend a Nicaraguan university in nearby Leon, and most recently a sewing project.

As a bit of background, a member of their committee went to Posoltega with others from Bloomington this past June and delivered donated shoes from Childs Elementary students of Ms. Gabriela Coolidge’s Spanish classes to the children at Escuela Ricardo Morales Avilés.

At that time, they saw the classrooms involved in playing chess and saw how inventive they were to make their own boards and pieces.  I am sure that they would love getting sturdier versions.

Thank you for reading and if you cannot contribute, we understand, but sharing this post would be appreciated,


Cristian Medina

President of BISCC

Bloomington, October 2017.

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