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Indiana Chess Newsletter. *Published on 11/05/2017 by Gerry Roberts

Fresh off the heels of the 76th Indiana State Chess Championship and K-12 State Grade Championships, the past few weeks have witnessed the crowning of 18 new official state champions.  Meanwhile, the tournament calendar has been bursting at its seams with events both new and old, both scholastic and open.  In this edition, get up to speed with all the latest results and plan your next few months’ worth of tournament activity.  And for members of ISCA, find exclusive links to the membership survey results, and a PGN containing 76 games from the 76th State Championships.
I. Tournament Recaps
Fall Festival Chess Tournament (Purdue University, West Lafayette) – October 7
This year’s iteration of this popular event attracted 63 players to Northwest Indiana for four rounds of rated action (G/30) chess in three sections.  In the K-3rd Section, top-rated Vivek Apuri managed to avoid his nearest rivals after they were felled in the early rounds, and was never seriously challenged en route to a perfect 4-0 finish.  In the 4th-8th Section, the top-rated duo of Christopher Chow (1105) and Gael Medina (1063) steamrolled through each of their first three opponents before their final round clash resulted in a draw.  Managing to catch the leaders in the final standings was Annabelle Radefeld, whose strong performance (3.5/4) earned her 153 new rating points.  The Open Section was missing some of the usual suspects, paving the way for provisionally-rated Archit Mokashi (2007), Joshua Lee (1687), and Jeff Shen (1599) to finish with perfect 4-0 scores in the 20-man field, a rarity for similarly-sized four-round events. Full results can be found here.Westfield Library Tournament (Westfield) – October 14
Descending upon the Westfield Public Library, 76 scholastic players battled through four rounds in four different sections.  In the 1st/Under Section, the most experienced player in the event was William Hu, with 18 rated games under his belt, while none of his nearest rivals had more than 8.  This experience proved to be the difference-maker, as William finished with a perfect 4-0 score and defeating the next three players on the final crosstable.  In the 3rd/Under Section, Michael Pu toppled two of the three higher-rated players in the section on his way to a perfect score and +173 rating.  In the largest section, 6th/Under, top-seeded Yash Bhargava (1182) was likewise perfect, but nipping at his heels half a point behind were Aditya Poduval (1012) and Jacob Logan (566!).  Finally, in the 12th/Under Section, more than half the field was provisionally-rated.  Emerging from their ranks to win the event ahead of several veteran players was Rohil Senapati, who broke the 1000-point rating barrier for the first time.  The USCF crosstable can be found here.

St. Joseph Grade School Tournament (South Bend) –  October 15
Drawing 52 adult and scholastic players alike, this Sunday Swiss was split into three sections by rating.  The most popular section of the day was U300, where Nathan Mustillo dominated the competition for a 5-0 performance that left him a full point and a half ahead of the field.  With a provisional rating of 747, this will undoubtedly be the last U300 event in his young career.  In the U800 section, top-rated Logan Miller of Goshen narrowly escaped his first round opponent (Aaron Diller), but picked up momentum thereafter en route to an undefeated 4.5/5 score.  In the Open section, Gerry Roberts finished with a perfect score, while Sam Patrick and Therese Walatka each finished a point behind.  The results can be found here, while details on the next event can be found below.

76th Annual Indiana State Chess Championship (Indianapolis) – October 20-22
In its largest event since 2004, the Indiana State Chess Association hosted the 76th Annual State Championships at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport.  With 91 players across the Open and Reserve (U1800) sections, there were must-see games in every round.  You can re-live some of these games in real time, as the top board in each section was streamed on YouTube, now viewable here.  For more, ISCA members can also download a PGN of 76 games from the membership site.

In the Open section, the first two rounds mostly followed expectations, as top-rated John Cole buried the lower-rated Nikhil Datar and Gerry Roberts.  However, a third-round matchup with young Ohio expert Elton Cao shocked viewers as Cole’s strong initiative on move 25 slowly faded before allowing a fatal blow by Cao.  Other losses and draws by Indiana’s top seeds resulted in Cao and another out-of-state player, Illinois’s Jason Drake, playing for first place on board 1 in the final round.  Fighting for the state title half a point behind were as many as a half-dozen players in three matchups: Mike Herron vs. John Cole, Alex Cibotarica vs. James Mills, and Lester Van Meter vs. Aidan Kaczanowski.  The battle of former champions, Herron and Cole, ended quickly and amicably.  This ensured that Herron would at least tie for the state title, but in the event of a three-way tie, only the player with the best tiebreaks would be named champion.  However, Herron’s third title was secured when Kaczanowski agreed to a draw with Van Meter in a slightly-better position.  In the final moments of the round, however, it was unclear who – if anyone – would join Herron in the winner’s circle.  Up a pawn in a rook + knight + pawns endgame, Mills was pressing against Cibotarica’s stout defense.  As the players blitzed out the moves with only seconds remaining, Cibotarica seemed to find resources for a perpetual check.  Mills pursued seemingly the only line to avoid the draw, but promptly resigned when Cibotarica joyously played the first move of a forced mating net.  As a result, Herron and Cibotarica are co-champions for 2017, while Herron took home the plaque on tiebreaks.  Meanwhile, Drake defeated Cao to take home the first place cash prize with a 4.5/5 score.

In the Reserve section, a rotating cast of characters found themselves on the top boards as the lead changed hands from round to round.  Top-rated Cliff Aker ceded half a point to ISCA Membership Director Roger Norris in round 2, whilst second-seeded Craig Hines succumbed to Mithran Periassamy and third-seeded Jeff Jackson lost to Charles Esan.  Roger Blaine and Andrew Friedman briefly entered the fray in round 3, but a split point left them both behind the leaders going in the penultimate round.  It was then that Anthony Woods began to pace himself from the pack as the lone perfect score going into the final round.  However, his loss against Friedman, a talented young player from Michigan, left the title of reserve champion in doubt.  Stephen Sims continued his streak of recent tournament success and joined Friedman in the winner’s circle, but it was possible that either Aker or Blaine would join them.  In a lopsided rook and pawn endgame, it seemed that Aker was only moments away from victory.  It was at that moment that Blaine unleashed a desperado rook attempt.  Aker could have declined and won the ensuing pawn endgame, but in the stress of the time pressure, accepted the sacrifice to end the game in stalemate.  As a result, Friedman and Sims each took home $450, while Blaine, Aker, and others at 4/5 walked home empty handed.  Stephen Sims is the official reserve champion for 2017.

To those impacted by the early-round pairing issues, tournament director Terry Winchester offered the following statement: “I want to deeply apologize for my flaws to all those who suffered inconvenience. I promise I will do my utmost to correct those flaws for the future.”  The crosstable for both sections can be viewed here.

On Saturday night of the tournament, we held our blitz championship.  With 20 players, there were five double rounds of G/5 d0.  John Cole again played the role of ratings favorite, but blitz specialists Mike Wiseman and Keith Swedo joined an impressive array of players itching for a chance to upset the leaderboard.  The first of the leaders to falter was Wiseman, who lost his second-round match 0.5-1.5 to Gerry Roberts.  In the fourth match, Swedo tried his luck against Cole, but was flat-footed in a 2-0 sweep.  In the final round, Cole (8-0) was paired against Roberts (7.5-0.5), while Wiseman (5.5-2.5) and Swedo (6-2) squared off on board 2.  Cole graciously offered a draw in an opposite-colored bishop endgame in which he had more time, but easily outplayed Roberts in the final game to take home the state title.  Meanwhile, a sweep by Wiseman on board 2 meant that Roberts finished in sole possession of 2nd place.  Video of boards 1 and 2 throughout the event can be viewed in this video, though you’ll need to do some sleuthing to figure out who played on board 2 each round.  The official crosstable can be viewed here.

On Sunday afternoon, ISCA held its annual membership meeting.  President Gerry Roberts shared the results of the membership survey, which can be viewed by members here, and expressed an intention to experiment with membership requirements in the upcoming year.  However, the biggest agenda and discussion item of the day was the timing of the 2018 State Championships.  In an effort to avoid scheduling conflicts with football season, for example, the membership in attendance voted to return the state championship to the spring as it was initially conceived.  Therefore, the 77th Annual Indiana State Chess Championships are tentatively scheduled for April 2018.

Bethany Christian Open (Goshen) – October 28
With sections for both rated and unrated players, this popular event attracted 75 players from Northern Indiana.  In the unrated section, four players finished with identical 5-1 scores: Kayden Mayer, Alec LeDonne, Evan Brower, and Anton Alstrom.  In the rated reserve section, both Justin Seng and Cameron Heinisch impressed with 4.5-0.5 scores after their draw, each upsetting a higher-rated player and gaining over a hundred rating points in the process.  Finally, the open rated section was unusually strong for a regional event, attracting two experts and a trio of strong class A players.  Sharing the top prize were Ben Bentrup and Les Kistler with 3.5-0.5 scores, but among the players half a point behind was Doug Baker, rated just 1335 pre-tournament but with a history of producing very strong performances from time to time (e.g., this).  The USCF crosstable for the rated sections can be found here, while the full crosstable for all sections can be found here.

13th Annual Pike Scholastic (Indianapolis) – October 28
As the first major scholastic tournament of the year to award team trophies, the Pike Scholastic was well-attended again this year with 113 players across three sections.  In the 1st/Under section, William Hu entered and finished the event as the top seed, going 5-0 against his opposition. In the 3rd/Under section, though, provisionally-rated John Hawkins leapfrogged half a dozen players in the standings with his strong performance, going 4.5-0.5 to take first place over Vivek Apuri and Gavin Lass (each 4-1).  Pulling a similar feat in the 6th/Under section was Bloomington’s Gael Medina, who defeated top-ranked Edward Chen in the penultimate round and finished alone atop the leaderboard when Yash Bhargava and Timothy Chien En Lim drew in the final round.  Gael has now gained nearly 400 points in the last year as he inches closer to Class D.  Finally, in the 12th/Under section, top seeds Mithran Periassamy and Mark Alvarez clashed in the penultimate round, with Periassamy emerging victorious.  His final round draw with Neel Bhate would seal his tournament victory.  To see the full crosstable, click here.

Bremen Library Tournament (Bremen) – October 28
In this inaugural event, more than half of the 23 competitors were playing in their first rated tournament.  In the K-3 section, tournament veteran Jacob Stump dispatched each of his three opponents to win with a perfect score. In the K-12 section, which was open only to U1200 players, the Stump family completed its sweep as Dustin Stump won each of his four games, no doubt making tournament director Bruce Stump proud.  The full crosstable can be found here.

SCI State Grade Championships (Fort Wayne) – November 4
Though attendance was down slightly year-over-year, this annual classic held at the Canterbury School still attracted 129 of the state’s strongest scholastic players.  Players in K-6 were paired only against those in their respective grade, while sections merged for 7th-8th grades, and 9th-12th grades.  State champions are as follows:

K – Nathan Walatka (5-0)
1 – Julie Walatka (5-0)
2 – Yewei Chen (4.5-0.5)
3 – Gavin Lass (4.5-0.5)
4 – Timothy Chien En Lim (5-0)
5 – Sam Liu (5-0)
6 – William Ruszkowsi (5-0)
7 – Connor Rybka, Edward Sun, Ben Finkel (3-2)
8 – Braydon Povinelli (5-0)
9 – Tyler Li, Mithran Periassamy (3-2)
10 – Kevin Wang (4.5-0.5)
11 – Aiden Kaczanowski (3.5-1.5)
12 – Carson Pocock (4.5-0.5)

The link to the full crosstable can be found here.

II. Hoosiers Win Abroad
Harold Steen Memorial (Dearborn, MI) – September 29 – October 1
With 93 players across three sections, this annual event featured three players rated 2300+ in its Open Section.  However, in the Reserve Section, it was Indiana’s own Roger Blaine who paced the field with his perfect 5-0 score, gaining nearly 100 rating points in the process.  Congratulations to the “old codger” for the strong performance!  The full crosstable can be found here.

Toledo September Swiss (Toledo, OH) – October 14
As would befit his rating, Indiana’s John Bidwell performed masterfully at this four-round event.  Earning a perfect 4-0 score, he upset the 2300-rated Ryan Clayton from Ohio in the final round to take home the top prize in the Open section.  Also performing admirably was Elkhart’s Aidan Kaczanowski, whose only loss in his 2.5/4 performance was to Ohio NM David Allen.  Out of state players continued their domination in the U1800 section, where Michigan’s Sanajan Ramesh finished a full point ahead of the field.  The buckeyes redeemed themselves in the U1400 section, though, where Daniel Blumenstein and Evan Taylor shared first prize after splitting a point with each other in the penultimate round.  The full crosstable can be found here, while information for the next monthly events can be found below.

Combined Membership Event (Louisville, KY) – October 14
Boasting 17 sections and 334 players, this massive collaboration from our neighbors to the south featured a handful of Hoosiers in disguise.  In the K8-K12 1st Section, Indiana’s John Bentley finished in clear second with a 2.5-0.5 performance, earning a hefty 122 rating points in the process.  His performance was surpassed only by that of newcomer Simeon Porcius, who won the K8-K12 9th Section with a perfect 3-0 score.  The full crosstable can be viewed here.

III. Tournament Calendar
Greenfield Quick Tournament (Greenfield) – November 11
An event unlike any other in the state!  This tournament will feature four or five rounds of G/15 d5 quick chess at the Bradley Meth Church (210 W. Main, Greenfield, IN).  Enter onsite for $10 beginning at 9am, with rounds beginning at 10am and each hour thereafter until finished.  Prizes will be based on entries.  If you have questions, contact

Bremen Mighty Pawns Tournament (Bremen) – November 11
From the Joepye Chess Newsletter (subscribe at
“The Bremen chess team will be sponsoring a tournament on November 11 at the elementary school.  Open to all, adults and students, with rated and unrated sections.  There will be both individual and team prizes!  An online entry page with a link to the tournament flyer can be found at

For convenience, here’s the flyer in TLA format:
5/SS G/40 d5. Bremen Elementary School Cafeteria, 700 W. South St., Bremen, IN.  Sections: Open, U1200, K6 U1000, K3 U700, and Recreation (non-rated).  Prizes: Top three individuals in each section will receive Dairy Queen gift cards, top three teams in K3 and K6 sections receive trophies.  EF: free to Bremen Elementary team members, $8 for each member of a 3+ person team in a section, $10 all others.    ENT: Must register in advance by 11/6.  Rds: check-in by 8:30am, begin at 9am.

26th Annual Kings Island Open (Blue Ash, OH) – November 10-12
Just northeast of Cincinnati, this event is one of the Midwest’s largest each year, with a prize fund of $30,000 and attendance approximating 350 players.  There are 7 sections (Open, U2100, U1900, U1700, U1500, U1250, U1000), each with at least five paid prizes, so there is an opportunity for everyone to emerge victorious.  The tournament boasts both a 3-day and 2-day schedule, with the former using a lengthy time control of 40/100 SD/30 d10 through the five rounds.  Entry fees are $118 by 11/8 or $140 onsite.  To register, or get additional information, visit

Toledo November Swiss (Toledo, OH) – November 11
Hosted at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus (Mulford Library – Basement Cafe, 3000 Arlington Ave., Toledo, OH 43614), this recurring event has a time control of G/75 d5 for round 1, and G/85 d5 for rounds 2-4.  Onsite registration ($25) is available from 9:00am-10:00am, or you can register in advance for $20 by mail (see for the address or additional details).

2017 Late Fall Open (Evansville) – November 11
4SS, G/70, d/10, St. Mark`s Lutheran Church, 2300 Washington Ave, Evansville, IN., 47714 EF: $25,(No checks/cards at site), Reg: 8:30-9:15, 1st Rd 9:30, others ASAP. PF (based on 16) 1st $120,A, B,C,D/E, Each $60, ENTRIES: Craig Hines, 613 North Park Dr., Evansville, IN, 47710, , cell 812-618-8700,, 1 bye if before Rd.2, NO last rd. byes, NS,NC,W.

St. Joseph Grade School Open (South Bend) – November 19
Don’t let the name fool you – this tournament is for players young and old alike!  This rated event will be held at the Ackles Center (711 E. Colfax Rd., South Bend, IN 46617).  The open section will be 4/SS with G/30 d5, the U800 section will be 4/SS or 5/SS with G/25 d5, and the U400 section will be 5/SS or 6/SS with G/25 d5.  The first round will begin promptly at 12pm, with everything expected to wrap up by 4pm.  For more details and to register ($10) before the cutoff on November 17, click here.

Women’s Youth Championships (Chicago) – November 18-19
The All Americas Chess Women’s Youth Championships will be held at the Sheraton Chicago O’Hare Airport in three sections (U25, U18, U12).  Information about the prizes (trophies and cash), free pizza buffet, and registration can all be found at

Motor City Open (Dearborn, MI) – November 24-26
This event features a prize fund of $10,000 and four sections (Open, U1800, U1400, U800), each playing 6-SS (except U800 is 4-SS).  Entry fees vary by section.  Full details can be found in the official TLA here.

Indiana State Masters/Generations Championship (Columbus, IN) – December 2-3
It’s back and better than ever!  On hiatus since 2009, this unique event returns to the ISCA calendar in glorious fashion.  Hosted at the beautiful Hotel Indigo Architectural Center in the heart of downtown Columbus, Indiana (400 Brown St., less than two blocks away from Zaharako’s and The Commons) , this two-day event features three sections each playing 4/SS at the leisurely pace of 40/120 SD/30, d5.  The Masters Invitational event is open exclusively to former state champions and players rated 2200+.  The Senior Open is open to ages 50+, and will determine our state representative to the Tournament of State Senior Champions to be held concurrently with the US Open next year in Wisconsin.  For everyone else (ages 0-49, ratings 100-2199), the Amateur Section will feature class prizes and a cash prize for the top upset.  Entry fees are $55 in advance, or $70 onsite, with ISCA members getting $5 off — *MEMBERSHIP NOT REQUIRED*. Hotel rates are $109, and are first-come, first-served by calling (812) 418-4886.  Online registration at is now available.  Feel free to email me with questions at  I am incredibly excited for this event, and hope you’ll all join me there!

Grandmaster Simul (Bloomington) – December 2
Webster University’s Fidel Corrales, rated 2502, will visit the Monroe County Public Library for a simultaneous exhibition against local players.  Spots are limited and cost only $15.  For more information or to register, click here.

Winter Jam (West Lafayette) – December 2
Purdue University’s Stewart Center will host this event for all ages in four sections (Unrated K-3, Rated K-3, Rated 4-6, Open). Both individual and team trophies will be awarded, depending on section, will full details listed at  Online registration is currently unavailable, but you can check back at for updates.

Wabash Quads (Wabash) – December 3
On the first Sunday of even-numbered months, Terry LeMaster directs quads at The Access Youth Center in Wabash, Indiana (approximately halfway between Fort Wayne and Kokomo).  For those unfamiliar with the quad structure, all of the registered players are ordered by rating, grouped into sets of four players, and then paired against each other player in their section.  As opposed to large Swiss events, this means that you get three games against players with similar ratings to your own.  Time control is a leisurely G/85 with a 5-second delay with rounds beginning promptly at 10:00am.  Entries are $25, including lunch and prize fund, but must be submitted in advance by mail to 35 E Market St, Wabash, IN 46992, by email to, or by phone to 260-571-7802.  Recent events have attracted upwards of 8 to 16 players, ranging from 1000’s to 2100’s (not limited to scholastic players), so consider making the trip.

Bloomington Winter Scholastic (Bloomington) – December 9
This popular scholastic event is returning to University Elementary School in Bloomington, with sections for all ages (U1, U3, U6, U12).  With a format similar to recent years, there will be more than 50(!) trophies up for grabs to the top individual finishers, grade finishers, and team finishers across the sections.  Entry fees are a modest $17 by November 20, $20 by November 27, or $30 onsite.  For the registration form and complete details, click here.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Goshen Winter Tournament (Goshen) – December 9
Mark your calendars and clear your schedules!  This annual event will undoubtedly feature rated and unrated sections for all.  Check back periodically at the Joepye site or the ISCA Calendar for more information before the next edition of the newsletter

Toledo December Swiss (Toledo, OH) – December 9
Hosted at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus (Mulford Library – Basement Cafe, 3000 Arlington Ave., Toledo, OH 43614), this recurring event has a time control of G/75 d5 for round 1, and G/85 d5 for rounds 2-4.  Onsite registration ($25) is available from 9:00am-10:00am, or you can register in advance for $20 by mail (see for the address or additional details).

Pan-Am Intercollegiate Championships (Columbus, OH) – December 9
As the name would imply, this national championship event is open to college students.  Here’s the abbreviated TLA:
6/SS G/90 i30. FIDE-rated, using FIDE rules. Hyatt Regency, Greater Columbus Convention Center, 350 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215.  HR: $115 at One section, teams comprised of 4-players with up to 2 alternates.  Team must supply letter from university stating players meet eligibility requirements.  Prizes: Top 5 teams; Top Team U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600; Top International; Top Women’s Team; Top Community College; Top 4-year Small College; Biggest Team Upset; Top Boards 1-4; Top Alternate; Biggest Individual Upset.   EF: $20 by 12/7, $25 onsite, $2 off for GTACC members.  ENT: mail entries to Jim Jagodzinski, 7031 Willowyck Rd., Maumee, OH 43537( or register onsite by 10am.  Rds: 12/27 6pm, 12/28 10am & 5pm12/29 10am & 5pm, 12/30 9am.

SCI Individual Regionals (Hammond, Terre Haute, Evansville, Goshen, Indianapolis) – January 6 and 13
Registration details and links are now available for the 2018 SCI Individual Regional tournaments.  Hosted across the state on January 6 (Hammond, Terre Haute) and January 13 (Evansville, Goshen, Indianapolis), these events decide the qualifiers for the SCI Individual Championships in Indianapolis to be held on January 27.  Remember that this event not only decides who Indiana’s representatives are to the Denker Tournament of High School Champions and Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions, but also awards scholarship money to the top finishers in the 6th/Under Championship, 8th/Under Championship, and 12th/Under Championship.  You can only play in one regional.  The regional events themselves are not rated, so USCF memberships are not required.  Instead, all it takes to play is $12 if you register before December 22, or $25 thereafter.  There are junior varsity sections (limited by ratings) for all grade levels except 3rd/Under, so there really are options for everyone to play and succeed.  For general information about the tournaments, click here.  To register, visit here.  Online entries are immediately posted here.

Toledo January Swiss (Toledo, OH) – January 13
Hosted at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus (Mulford Library – Basement Cafe, 3000 Arlington Ave., Toledo, OH 43614), this recurring event has a time control of G/75 d5 for round 1, and G/85 d5 for rounds 2-4.  Onsite registration ($25) is available from 9:00am-10:00am, or you can register in advance for $20 by mail (see for the address or additional details).

Southern Indiana Open/Reserve (Bloomington) – February 10
This event returns to the Holiday Inn in Bloomington with a drastically increased prize fund and a new section.  Given the overwhelming attendance last year, this year’s iteration will feature a separate Reserve (U1800) section, with everyone playing 4-SS G/70 d5.  Also departing from recent practice, ISCA membership is NOT required to play in the event, but members’ entry fees are reduced by $5.  Otherwise, entries are $45 in advance by February 6, or $60 onsite (before 9am).  For more information, visit the ISCA Tournament Calendar, or email director Craig Hines here.  Online registration will be available at after the Masters/Generations Championship on December 3.

SCI Team Regionals (Terre Haute, Mt. Vernon, Hammond, Goshen) – February 17 and 24
Regional Qualifiers for the SCI Team Championships will be held on February 17(Terre Haute, Mt. Vernon) and February 24 (Hammon, Goshen) this year.  Teams can sign up for the 3rd/Under, 6th/Under, or 8th/Under sections, with top finishers awarded a spot at the State Finals in Terre Haute on March 24.  As always, 12th/Under teams do not need to qualify.  Registration is not yet available, but check back periodically here for more information.

U.S. Amateur Team Championship North (Schaumburg, IL) – February 16-18
Gather your favorite chess buddies and plan your trek to Chicagoland in February for this annual favorite.  Four-person teams with an average rating below 2200 will compete for an array of prizes (top overall, top class, best name, best costumes, etc.).  Full details are in the TLA here.

USCF Rated Online Chess – Every Week
The USCF runs rated blitz and quick tournaments on the servers.  And best of all, it’s free for USCF members to play.  Every Monday night at 6pm, verified members can play in a 5-round, G/10 Swiss system tournament for real rating points.  If that’s too early for you, there’s also a 7-round G/5 tournament at 11pm.The blitz continues on Wednesdays, where players can sign up for a 7-round 3/2 tournament beginning at 8pm.  For those preferring slightly longer time controls, you can catch the 15/10 tournament on Friday nights at 8pm.  To be eligible to play, just fill out the verification form located here.

IV. Chess Clubs
South Bend Regional Chess Club – Thursdays at 7:00pm
Michiana’s strongest chess club meets on Thursday nights from 7:00pm-10:00pm in the deli area of Meijer on Grape Road in Mishawaka.  There is an organized event every meeting, ranging from G/5 round robins to G/20 Swisses.  The standard deviation on attendance is high, with meetings ranging anywhere from 8 to 30 players, but with regular attendees including masters John Cole and Dennis Monokroussos, who can afford to miss out?

Chicory Cafe Chess Club (South Bend) – Mondays from 6:00-8:00pm
Come and play some casual games of chess at the Chicory Cafe at the corner of Jefferson and Michigan in downtown South Bend.  While you’re there, be sure to enjoy the New Orleans-style food and fun atmosphere for both young and old.

BISCC Library Chapter (Bloomington) – alternating Sundays at 1:30pm
The Bloomington Indiana Scholastic Chess Club’s library chapter meets on alternating Sundays from 1:30pm-3:30pm in rooms 1B/1C of the Monroe County Public Library. Several of the area’s top scholastic players are regular attendees, but each session includes a lesson for beginners as well as a weekly activity.  Your first meeting is free to attend, so stop by to see if it would be a good fit for you and your child.  Head coach John Illg has been generating some rave reviews lately, so be sure to check out what all the hype is about.  For more details about the club, visit BISCC’s revamped website at, which now includes an option foronline registration.

Bloomington Chess Club – Tuesdays at 7:00pm
The Bloomington Chess Club meets every Tuesday from 7:00pm-10:00pm at Buffa Louie’s.  Come play in a relaxed environment while enjoying great food.  Games are frequently played at rapid time controls (G/20 or G/15), blitz (G/5), as well as un-timed, so there’s a little bit of something for everybody.

Other Clubs in the State
For a non-exhaustive list of other city or regional clubs in the state, please visit  Please note that the information listed there may not be up-to-date, so you should always contact a representative of the club in advance.  If you have trouble locating contact information, send me an email and I will do my utmost to connect you with the right person.

Gerry Roberts